Adventure travel Sonic Adventure Nepal 2021

£tbc per person
14 Days

A musical journey in the heart of Nepal

Sonic Adventure 2021 is a unique opportunity to be a part of something like no other adventure trip. We believe in the power of music and feel that exploring these landscapes can also offer an opportunity to be a part of a musical journey, soundtracking our group along the way.
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We feel strongly about responsible travel and protecting the environment for future generations. We believe in living for adventure today, following your heart and having no regrets tomorrow!

What's included


Kathmandu to Timang

We start our adventure arriving into the hustle and bustle of the streets of Kathmandu at 800m where you can find all your last minute trekking kit.  Having a day to take in the sites and sample Nepalese street food you will have an immersive cultural experience like no other.



Leaving the city two days later, we head towards our first Himalayan village Timang (2620m), with the thrilling journey following the Marshyangdi River to take us higher into the mountains.



Timang, a beautiful village which has an incredible 360 degree view of the mountains, is where we will stage our first sonic event.



Chame to Tilicho Lake


Our foot trek begins just north of Chame village (2222m) where the trek provides some majestic and panoramic views, along with a great variety of culture and diversity.  We experience staying overnight in one of the many traditional basic, yet comfortable, teahouses.



The route is based on the Annapurna Circuit, with a slight customisation.  From Manang, instead of taking the valley north to Tanki Manang and Yak Kharka our route takes us via the main valley to the west, passing through the Khanshar Village, known as The Last Village of Nepal with less than 300 inhabitants and then on to Tilicho lake.



The place is vibrant with a wide range of people and terrain, subtropical to a tall, dry landscape resembling the Tibetan Plateau. The beautiful deep valleys and high mountains encircling the giant Annapurna range provide an incredible backdrop to the many Tibetan flags & prayer wheels along the route.


Setting off before sunrise, we witness dawn breaking as we make our final ascent to the lake, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains Khangsar, Nilgiri, Muktinath peak and Tilicho taking your breath away.  





Tilicho lake trek is a place of religious significance with Hindus and Buddhists from around the world making a once in a lifetime trip to visit.  You will see many ancient monasteries and pilgrimage sites along the journey.



The lake itself is incredibly breathtaking, filled with the purest water from the glaciers giving it’s famous turquoise colour.



Sonic Soundtrack


Once you have caught your breath, you will be immersed in a cross cultural performance by our musical maestros which will provide a sonic soundtrack to your experience. 



Internationally established DJ’s provide us with world’s highest lakeside performance and the sounds of electronic music. We then head 800m back down to basecamp where we will celebrate the full moon with another musical experience. It’s here where we will lay witness to the moonrise over the Himalayas.



Our journey out of the mountains by plane is a short one.  We arrive in Pokhara to be ready for our next lakeside event at the beautiful Lake Phewa.



Take on the challenge of this Sonic Adventure!  The reward will be an immeasurable lifetime experience which will leave you resonating on a higher frequency than you began.


  • Sonic Adventure Nepal Tour Plan
Sonic Adventure Nepal Tour Plan


Overnight Flight

Fly from London to Kathmandu via Abu Dhabi/Doha/Dubai. This is an overnight flight, the ground trip starts from here.



Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m) transfer to hotel, welcome dinner.



Trek Preparation, trek talks and first music event in Kathmandu.


Trek initiates

Drive from Kathmandu to Timang Village (2670m), 8-9 hour drive


Going up

Timang to Upper Pasang (3300m), 2 hours drive and 3-4 hour trek


And up ..

Pisang to Manang (3520m), 6-7 hour journey


Acclimatisation day

Acclimatisation day in Manang.


On route to Shree Kharka

Trek to Shree Kharka (4040m), 4-5 hour trek


Base camp, here we come!

Trek from Shree Kharka to Tilicho base camp (4150m), 3-4 hour trek

DAY 10

Breaking a world record today?

Trek to Tilicho Lake (4920m).  Enjoy the music program and return to Tilicho base camp for Full Moon party

DAY 11

Leaving Lake Tilicho

 Tilicho Base Camp to Manang, 6-7 hour trek

DAY 12

Goodbye Manang

Early morning walk to Manang Airport.  Fly to Pokhara

DAY 13

Afternoon flight

Afternoon flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu

DAY 14

Coming Home

Departure to adventurer’s home destination

More about Nepal

We feel strongly about responsible travel and protecting the environment for future generations. We believe in living for adventure today, following your heart and having no regrets tomorrow!

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More about this tour

"The concept of the centre is to give these young suppressed and often abused young women a safe place to come and learn about girls empowerment, learn about their rights, receive counseling if necessary and access learning courses online and share their journey with other young women.  The centre would be accessible to all the young women of the area not just the girls on my program.  It will be government subsidised.  The program will bring together a number of groups of young women from very different backgrounds in a project that is quite groundbreaking for the area."

Art to Healing, an Australian Public Benevolent Institution charity, focuses on women and girls affected by sexual abuse, trafficking, and commercial sexual exploitation throughout Asia and the Pacific, with a focus of 11 years in Nepal.  We aim to provide mental health and trauma recovery programming for survivors and staff with many of our results published in academic books and peer-reviewed journals.

Since their inception, they have supported over 3000 women and children directly and indirectly through our mental health and trauma-informed programs, and over 40 local anti-trafficking organisations in being trauma-informed so that these girls and women can live lives free from slavery and abuse.

Their latest project focuses on tracking the mental health needs of survivors at each stage of the recovery process, from initial rescue to reintegration, as well as mapping out the effective psychological interventions for each stage of recovery. Art to Healing will work directly with 100 girls and women directly over 10 different anti-trafficking organisations in Nepal, and indirectly supporting hundreds more with our sustainable model.

Their intention is to publish a trauma-informed mental health protocol and manual which will be based on empirical research for anti-trafficking shelters and organisations. This data is largely missing from the anti-trafficking conversation and will be integral in creating lasting change in recovery and reduction of re-trafficking, not just for child sex slaves in Nepal, but in the South Asian and South-east Asia region.

It costs just £100 to place one of the girls through a 10day trauma therapy course which can change the course of their life.


Payment terms:  Registration Fee 25% of package chosen (non refundable).

Final payment: The balance of the trek/flight is to be paid on June 1st giving enough time for our in-country partners to secure all the necessary accommodation as we are going in peak season.

Single Supplements: For anyone who wants to look at a single supplement please get in touch for details

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      Sonic Adventure Nepal 2021

      £tbc per person
      14 Days

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