Responsible Travel

Philanthropy and positive social and environmental impact are key to our mission.
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Our adventures always aim to benefit the local people, safeguard the ecosystems we explore and contribute to the sustainability of travel in the regions we experience.

We aim to support the local communities and give back to the places we travel to.

We partner with like-minded local operators who follow sustainability guidelines and employ local guides and staff.

Our challenges are designed and delivered with the knowledge of local people.

We encourage all our participants to minimise their waste and water usage on the trips.

Preserving natural beauty and treating it with respect is something we believe in, and we find the time to care, not only for the places we visit but for the local people too.

We follow the principle of ‘leave no trace’, and encourage our adventurers to not only dispose of their own litter responsibly, but to pick up the litter of others along the way.

It’s vital for us to work together with our suppliers to adopt more sustainable practices and be very aware of protecting the environments we visit.

We nurture the relationships with all our adventurers and keep them connected to community projects & organisations we have supported in-country, as desired.
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