At Follow Your Heart we believe in creating innovative adventures which deliver that ‘once in a lifetime’ experience by providing long-lasting, memorable and life-changing experiences.
It’s about giving people the opportunity to not only change their own lives but the lives of others too. We are passionate about aiding people to immerse themselves in breathtaking scenery and exposing them to new and exciting cultures.
With our experience in working alongside grassroots projects, we can all be closely linked to those we are helping. Thanks to the local friendships we have formed, with every step of your Follow Your Heart journey you are a part of a team that will help each other achieve some meaningful experiences. Collectively, we are able to make an impact on the lives of many.
Alongside the generous fundraising of our clients, as part of our company CSR we will be donating 10% of our profits to charity.
We feel strongly about responsible travel and protecting the environment for future generations.

We believe in living for adventure today, following your heart and having no regrets tomorrow!


Travelers are dreamers who make their desires for adventure a reality.

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