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Fundraising challenges are catalysts for personal transformation. They provide us with opportunities to learn, to grow and to give back, be a part of something bigger than us, to lead an inspired life. 
At Follow Your Heart we have experienced this first hand in our own lives and therefore it is our great joy to witness this happen in the lives of others and help to facilitate this.  
  • Life Changing
  • Community
  • Suitability
At Follow Your Heart, our passion is to create unique, life-changing adventures that empower ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.  We provide you with opportunities to trek, cycle and share experiences alongside passionate people, just like you. You will push your boundaries like never before and make friendships and memories that will last you a lifetime.  
Our challenges are unique, including a musical twist wherever possible due to our combined experiences of working in the music industry, (perfect for sonic adventurers!). Our challenges are truly bespoke, you won’t find them anywhere else.
Undertaking a challenge with us gives you the opportunity to fundraise for important causes.  These have a direct and positive impact on the local community of the area you’ve chosen for your life-changing adventure, giving a much deeper purpose to your journey.
You will also ignite your inner adventurer, taking part in a mentally and physically demanding trek or cycle ride. We are right there with you throughout the journey, offering support and encouragement every step of the way. 
‘You Smile, I Smile.  That’s how it works.’
Follow Your Heart Adventures are suitable for:
  • Individuals who want to find an inspiring, like minded team to join on a fundraising challenge.
  • Companies who want to increase visibility and vitality in their philanthropy and CSR.
Nonprofits with a specific fundraising goal and an active adventurous donor base.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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