Corporate benefits
Incorporating social responsibility into the business not only benefits the community, it also provides many benefits to an organisation and something which all of us at Follow your Heart believe in.
Team Building
Fundraising initiatives cultivate a passion for work and provide platforms for meaningful team collaboration.
Employees develop leadership skills, confidence and experience.
Community Engagement
Employees are able to engage with the community through their fundraising efforts, creating innovative and new relationships with an increased ability to serve local communities.
Increase Employee Satisfaction
Charity involvement helps to improve employee attraction and retention which in turn cultivates a passion for their work.
Support Charity
Altruism strengthens your relationship with your chosen charity and makes a significant difference through fundraising, providing extra, often scarce resources to the cause.
Public Relations
Develop inspirational stories and content for public relations and marketing use. Enhance your reputation as a company that cares whilst developing new local connections and partnerships.


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