CSR Field Trips
Working with your colleagues day-in day-out at the office, you become a strong team.  You’ve learnt how to motivate each other and smash goals together. Why not push your boundaries and take your work relationships to the next level and see what you can achieve as a group on a field trip?
Incorporating a CSR field trip helps strengthen bonds among your employees, gives a sense of company pride, and gives back to the destinations you visit.
Let us help you design an experience that benefits not only your participants, but also the world around you.  Follow Your Heart can organise everything for your corporate team to visit an international project that you have fundraised for.  This will take your work relationships to the next level and leave your team inspired by seeing the difference you have made.  
We believe in transparency and are passionate about taking our supporters to visit the communities they have helped and aim at building solid relationships for the future.
A tried and tested starting place is by building a fresh water well for a community in Africa or India which we can then visit. Once we are there it is easy for us to see the ongoing difference we can make to their lives, which inspires an ongoing fundraising campaign.
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Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.’  Steve Jobs

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